Williamsburg needs no introduction but it could get a little overwhelming. Our first recommendation would be to put on your walking shoes and go exploring. So in addition to a handy map we also threw in a carefully assembled smorgasbord (or should we say Smorgasburg) to get you started.

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Eat / Drink

Old-world bakery

Bakeri features a variety of Scandinavian breads, pastries & sandwiches baked and made fresh, served by an all-women staff donning blue aprons and old-world attitude.

150 Wythe Ave

Caprices by Sophie

Few cafes can put on display pastry that looks like fine jewelry and fewer cafe owners make time to sit down and chat with their clientele. We’ve met Sophie, and we guarantee she can do both.

138 N 6th St.

Samurai Mama

A variety of Udon soups carefully prepared during a two-day process. The complex broth consists of an elaborate blend of fish and vegetables imported from Japan and made with Kaiki Water. Why Kaiki water? You’ll have to find out for yourself.

205 Grand St.


Bold coffee from hand-selected farms served alongside simple sandwiches and baked goods in a space shared with their roasting facility under a natural skylight.

69 Grand St.
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Baby’s All Right

Embodying the vibe and spirit of Williamsburg this hipster joint has everything from a packed music calendar to a chilled glass of rosé. Throw in Korean BBQ and you’ve got yourself a date.

146 Broadway


The recently opened Tarantino-themed bar will have you munching on Hateful 8 Wings Death Proof Chili, and Pussy Wagon Tacos, named after a yellow Chevrolet featured in “Kill Bill: Volume 1.” while enjoying periodical screenings of the master on Mondays.

82 S. 4th St.

The Brooklyn Barge

Alcohol, on-the-river seating with some of the world’s finest urban views, and music. Is there anything else you might need come summer?

79 West St.
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Art Scene


Established in 2010, the Williamsburg Independent Film Festival is serving the most diverse, sophisticated community of cinephiles in the world at. Look them up when the leaves turn orange at the Wythe Hotel.

80 Wythe Ave.

Spoonbill & Sugartown Booksellers

If you happen to walk through the doors, you might find the book you’re looking for. But if your mind and eyes remain open you’ll be subject to the phenomenon of “bookshop serendipity”, where anything can happen. We offer second-hand, rare as well as new books on Contemporary Art, Literature, Philosophy and various Design fields.

218 Bedford Ave.

Holland Tunnel Gallery

Step into the amazing magic fantastic beautiful world of Holland Tunnel Gallery. A unique art space concept where local and international crowd meets to enjoy art, music, and performances.

61 S. 3rd St.

Collosal media

Visit one of the most creative workshops in the country. Collosal Media works through rain, shine, and polar vortex to create advertising murals for the world’s most influential brands. Witness first hand Colossal’s army of highly-trained painters preparing to produce their large-scale photorealistic murals.

95 N 10th St.